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Get Your Face on Page ONE of Google

Google continues to make changes in their search results and most of the changes are very beneficial to businesses and individuals that are engaged in search engine marketing.

One such change is a recently added a feature to allow you to get your picture on Page One of their search results. Everyone is Googling other people these days – employers, friends, neighbors, prospects, etc. Unfortunately, if you Google yourself you’ll find thousands of results and you’re probably buried on page 10.

Good News – Google is now providing a way to put your personal profile on Page ONE of their results. They call it Google Profiles. I think it’s another great way to brand yourself and it’s really easy to setup.  Google my name ‘Doug Fowler’.  You’ll find my profile at the bottom of page ONE that looks like the picture below.


You should see a Google Paid ad at the top of the page promoting Google Profiles.  Click on the link and get started. Oh yeah, you’ll need a Google account to get started.


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