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SEO Reflections

Erin Weinger recently published an article in Entrepreneur Magazine’s February issue entitled What You Don’t Know About SEO. As an Search Engine Optimizer I found the article both extremely helpful and  somewhat misleading. Below are just a few of my own thoughts as I consider the article in light of working for an SEO company [...]

Experiencing the Digital Divide

So, I moved recently, and because of traveling, it took me about a week to make an appointment to get internet service. It didn’t matter much at the time because I’d spent every evening unpacking, cleaning, etc. Then, I found out that the soonest appointment I could get would be a week later.

That meant 2 [...]

Doing Our Part

Recently our company was enlisted to build a website for an upcoming charity event called Cargo: The Fight For Freedom Past and Present. Cargo is a musical by veteran songerwriter and producer Paul Field. First presented in 2007, Cargo was written to celebrate the bicentennial of the abolition of the British slave trade and to [...]

A golden opportunity for small business.

If your business is one that sells anything to a local market, you need to be aware of a tremendous opportunity to gain online visibility.  We’re in the midst of huge technological changes that present significant opportunities for local businesses.  Specifically, I’m talking about the rapid advance of smart phones.
I just acquired a Droid from [...]