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Sometimes . . . people don’t think all of my designs are stunningly fabulous. It hurts, but sometimes it does happen. (Actually, I’m pretty desensitized.) So, instead of letting my rejected designs sit in silence on my hard drive, I’ll start posting them, so you can add your 2 cents if you like. Was the [...]

La Pura Vida

I just finished up this poster for a friend that is sponsoring (I guess that’s what you call it) a study abroad program for USC Upstate. She told me that sometimes they have difficulty convincing students to join or even getting them to notice the program among a sea of posters on the bulletin boards. [...]

Descriptive Language

I’m working on a project at the moment for another artist and I am struck by how easy it is to get a vision for a project when the person I am working for has the ability to put ideas into words I understand. Are artists any different than accountants or salesmen. Why do we use different words? As I thought about it I immediately began recalling all the times I’ve been told that something needs to be different without much explanation to back it up. Every freelancer would agree – this drives us crazy sometimes. So what can we do about it?

Logo Labor Pains

Here’s the inside story of the evolution one of WSI’s recent logo designs.

Once upon a time (earlier this year), the beautiful Heritage Park Amphitheater was born in Simpsonville, SC. And so, it needed a logo. They showed us some ideas of what they wanted, and we did our research. The venue itself wasn’t built yet, so all we had to go on was renderings of the stage and some words like “colorful”.