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A golden opportunity for small business.

If your business is one that sells anything to a local market, you need to be aware of a tremendous opportunity to gain online visibility.  We’re in the midst of huge technological changes that present significant opportunities for local businesses.  Specifically, I’m talking about the rapid advance of smart phones.
I just acquired a Droid from [...]

Develop a Social Media Strategy

You need a Plan to know where you’re going.
Social Media was all the buzz in 2009 and it will likely increase in 2010.  For most B2B businesses, the return on investment is still low at best, especially when compared with other forms of online marketing, such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing.
Ignoring social media should [...]

Utilize Email Marketing – Just Do It

Start building your list now!
Email marketing remains the most cost-effective marketing tool available. More importantly, it allows you to create ongoing awareness of your brand and offerings with your clients and prospects.
Email marketing is often forgotten in the Social Media buzz, but it is a form of social media. 90% of people use email daily [...]

3 Simple Social Media Monitoring Tools

Listening to your audience, customers and potential customers is critical in the world of Social Media.
I see two critical questions for companies.

As an organization are you listening? If you have customers, most likely they’re talking about you to their friends, colleagues, and to anyone else who will listen and is in their sphere of influence.
Do [...]

Top 13 Things Small Businesses Can Do This Week

A few weeks ago I blogged on social media for small businesses and where to start – read it here. My basic point was to make sure the rest of your house is in order before jumping in. Today, I’m assuming that your business already has a successful web presence and is effectively using email marketing. Now you’re ready to jump on the Social Media bandwagon.

Social Media & Small Business – Where to Start?

At least once a day, someone asks me a question about Social Media. It’s the buzz about business and marketing circles. Social media wasn’t a big deal a few years ago, but it became a hot topic when the masses got on board. Now, the eyeballs are online – people are reading blogs, twittering, stumbling upon stuff and checking their Facebook. There’s no arguing the buzz and rapid growth in social media. Facebook alone has over 175 million users and is growing at an estimated 5 million users per week.