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A golden opportunity for small business.

If your business is one that sells anything to a local market, you need to be aware of a tremendous opportunity to gain online visibility.  We’re in the midst of huge technological changes that present significant opportunities for local businesses.  Specifically, I’m talking about the rapid advance of smart phones.
I just acquired a Droid from [...]

Start Measuring Your Results

If you’re not running some sort of web analytics package on your website, then this should be the first thing you do in 2010.

One of the huge advantages of the internet over traditional media is that you can measure everything…if you have an analytics program. Google Analytics is a FREE program gives the average [...]

Develop a Social Media Strategy

You need a Plan to know where you’re going.
Social Media was all the buzz in 2009 and it will likely increase in 2010.  For most B2B businesses, the return on investment is still low at best, especially when compared with other forms of online marketing, such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing.
Ignoring social media should [...]

What were they thinking??

Method, the home care products manufacturer, recently released a commercial targeting women (in more ways than one) to advertise their eco-friendly shower cleaner. When I see commercials like this that connect with their demographics so poorly, I always wonder, “Who approved this?”
Method has done a pretty good job of removing the commercial from everywhere it’s [...]

Utilize Email Marketing – Just Do It

Start building your list now!
Email marketing remains the most cost-effective marketing tool available. More importantly, it allows you to create ongoing awareness of your brand and offerings with your clients and prospects.
Email marketing is often forgotten in the Social Media buzz, but it is a form of social media. 90% of people use email daily [...]

How do you reach Alex?

Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is a monumental shift taking place in marketing. Technology and the internet has changed the way people communicate and connect.

Take the case of an average 22 year old – I’ll call him Alex.

Put Your Web Audience Under the Microscope

Market research and consumer studies have for long been the beacons for marketers, offering enlightening information on buying patterns, seasonal highs and lows, effectiveness of retail store layout, factors affecting promotions or discount offers, and so on. With the explosion of online users worldwide, several thousand businesses face the challenge of not knowing what their customers really want, how to anticipate their actions and therefore, how to encourage desired actions, i.e. conversions. The related enigma is how to deliver and meet online customer expectations before and much better than the competition can.

Get Your Face on Page ONE of Google

Google continues to make changes in their search results and most of the changes are very beneficial to businesses and individuals that are engaged in search engine marketing.

One such change is a recently added a feature to allow you to get your picture on Page One of their search results. Everyone is Googling other people these days – employers, friends, neighbors, prospects, etc. Unfortunately, if you Google yourself you’ll find thousands of results and you’re probably buried on page 10.

Social Media & Small Business – Where to Start?

At least once a day, someone asks me a question about Social Media. It’s the buzz about business and marketing circles. Social media wasn’t a big deal a few years ago, but it became a hot topic when the masses got on board. Now, the eyeballs are online – people are reading blogs, twittering, stumbling upon stuff and checking their Facebook. There’s no arguing the buzz and rapid growth in social media. Facebook alone has over 175 million users and is growing at an estimated 5 million users per week.